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program should be really capable of inventory management, seller ordering, stock counting, keep customer loyalty and prepare sales /reporting details. Along with these essential characteristics, complex features including reading and barcode creation, quote issuing, bookkeeping, stock transferring will also be needed. Consequently built and multiple modules must be developed to communicate with each other. The point of sale systems are not just for retail though it’s an example that was easy, they’ve used additionally in other sectors for example ticketing and hospitality offices for example sports facilities and theaters. Essentially, they’re used wherever there’s money involved and where there needs to be tax and bookkeeping advice computed and in the finish, a statement needs to be created and presented to the consumer. Altered and the requirements of each and every sector are distinct and need to be accommodated according to user needs. As all trades are likely to be finished within seconds the database demands are also rather demanding when it comes to correctness and operation as well as the database is growing. There must additionally be a suitable copy chosen for all these databases in the event of corruption that is unforeseen. Therefore the software system is very sophisticated but in precisely the same time is essential in modern world. More options for point of sale